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Viarco Vintage Pencils from Portugal

Viarco Vintage Pencils from Portugal

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Mr. Boddington found this family-run factory in northern Portugal while summering on the coast. Viarco pencils are constructed using old methods and quality materials, for a writing tool that is versatile and well made. They are iconic in Portugal, having been crafted there since 1907, and are used by schoolchildren, artists, writers, and everyone in between.

The Vintage Pencil Collection is a reintroduction of Viarco's classic designs from the 1940s to the 1960s.

Also known as copying pencils, these pencils were used to make copies of documents during WWI and later were used to make indelible writings or marks without the need for a fountain pen.

Each box is 7" x 1.8" and contains 12 pencils

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