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The True Story of a Mouse Who Never Asked for It

The True Story of a Mouse Who Never Asked for It

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An enchanting mouse who is also feminist?… do go on!

A New York Times Best Children’s Book!

The story opens with a mouse, very fastidious and hard-working, who, after finding a shiny coin, builds herself a home out of leaves of cabbage. In disbelief that she has a house but isn’t yet a wife, an array of animal suitors each make their appeal for her hand. Judging each by his ability to carry a tune, she turns them all down, until a pack of kittens arrives. Convinced by their sweet meows, she agrees to marry the smallest and most harmless of the bunch. Yet, as kittens do, he quickly grows into a cat, and consistent with his nature, devours his mouse-wife. That is the end of the folktale, but what follows here is a silent visual coda that carries the story into a whole new realm of meaning and interpretation.

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