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Postalco Snap Pad

Postalco Snap Pad

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If there is one coveted piece that moves from Mr. Boddington’s desk, to tote, to studio, to cafe (don’t forget the palmier!), to hotel room, to seat 3B on the plane… and back, it is his snap pad. Along with his pup, it accompanies him everywhere.

Invented and hand-made in Japan by the brilliant team at PostalCo, this refillable pad houses all ideas, projects and lists. The cover is crafted from textured press cotton that wears beautifully through time. Two snaps at the top make it a delight to open and refill.

One may use it as a memo pad, or go fully in and equip it with tabs and envelopes.

Imported from Japan. 6.3 x 9.1"

SPECIAL NOTE: Please note that the paper and accessories are not included but you may purchase them right here.

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