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OHTO Bloom 3-in-1 Multi pen

OHTO Bloom 3-in-1 Multi pen

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3 writing instruments in one? Why, I shall bring this one to accompany me on my 2024 expedition to Antarctica!

Its sleek, monochromatic, sturdy, and slim body is perfect for pockets and purses. To change between the three options simply hold the pen horizontally with the desired option (black, red, or 0.5 pencil) facing upward, then click the end to extend. Change options by pressing the black button on the pen clip.

One 0.7mm black ballpoint ink pen (for general writing)

One 0.7mm red ballpoint ink pen (for edits)

One 0.5mm mechanical pencil (for pristine blue prints and doodles)

One teeny tiny eraser under the clicky bit (for emergencies, only!)

Brass body with matte finish

Signature OHTO soft ink and needle-point tip

Made in Japan

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