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Herbin A La Perle des Encres Calligraphy Set

Herbin A La Perle des Encres Calligraphy Set

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When snow falls outside his window, Mr. Boddington puts on Debussy record, pulls out a nib and a bottle of deep blue ink. My Dear Friend….

This charming set is inspired by a French vintage school writing box, and makes a lovely collectors item for the beginner and advanced calligrapher. The velvet-lined wooden box holds one wood nib holder, five steel nibs, and one 30ml bottle of Violette Pensée ink.

The ink is none other than Herbin Violette Pensée (Purple Pansy) ink. Since Napoleon I, French pupils used violet ink color, known as the least expensive color (at the time). This ink was made of methyl-violet, also used to disinfect wounds.

Brause nibs included with black ink box: 1 each - index finger, cito-fein, pfannan, l'ecolier, hatat

Brause nibs included with violet ink box: 2 l'ecolier, 1 steno, 1 pfannen, 1 cito-fein.

The “La Perle des Encres” burnt into the wood cover means "The Pearl of Inks".

Imported from France, bien sûr.

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