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Hand-embroidered Cannetille Brooches

Hand-embroidered Cannetille Brooches

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During an impromptu jaunt in Paris, Mr. Boddington felt as though his Chambray shirt was sorely lacking a certain…je ne sais quoi. It was then he found just what he was seeking in Macon & Lesquoy’s hand embroidered brooches.

Designed in France and fabricated in Pakistan, these brooches feature intricate cannetille work passed down from three generations. Canetille uses fine gold or silver thread twisted spirally to create these pieces.

From left to right: Tobacco Sign, Gold Cloud and Star, Looking for the Book, Love Power, Cosmonaut, Small Silver Lightning, Coffee + Croissant, Badminton, Owl, Bottle of Champagne, Bread, Sardine Tin, Ice Cream, Paradise Bike, Shark, Dachshund.

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