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Glass Blown Ink Dip Pen

Glass Blown Ink Dip Pen

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Imported from J. Herbin (the oldest French stationer who created pens for the persnickety Louis XIV, Bonaparte and Victor Hugo), these are hand-blown glass marvels. Mr. Boddington feels most dignified when dipping this pen into indigo ink and writing out a list of his favorite macarons flavors.

Hand-blown glass pens are a tradition from 16th century Venice. The fine glass tips are twisted in a light spiral to hold the maximum amount of ink; enough to write a full page without re-dipping.

You might be surprised to know they are simple to use and maintain; just dip, write, and rinse clean. Tip can be smoothed with fine sandpaper (very very very carefully!). Kindly use with fountain ink.

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