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Fumisome Natural Dye Ink

Fumisome Natural Dye Ink

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This natural plant-derived ink was developed in collaboration with the Kyoto Plant Dyeing Research Institute. The rich colors found in nature are captured in this glass bottle using traditional dyeing techniques. Perfect for fountain pens, brushes, and dip pens.

Indigo No. 1: Made from natural indigo from Kyoto. A blue with delightful shading, it can appear either pale or deep depending on the heaviness of the stroke. Do try it out…

Cedar No. 5: Made from natural up cycled cedar from "Himi Satoyama Cedar" in Himi City, Toyama Prefecture. Its fragrance is reminiscent of cedar. A rich brown color.

Since natural raw materials are the main ingredients, the color may change over time. Store in someplace away from direct sunlight, heat, and humidity and make sure the lid is fully sealed. Perhaps it’s home is in a Toyo toolbox?

Dye ink


Made in Japan

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