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Caran D'ache Carpenter Pencil

Caran D'ache Carpenter Pencil

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With this pencil, Mr. Boddington recommends:

  • Drawing thick or thin lines in your sketches of the various dogs at the dog park (Make sure your Komondor does not look like a Puli!)

  • Experiment with different lettering styles (What does cursive look like with this pencil?)

  • Mark walls when hanging your newly framed Hockney print (Measure twice!)

Caran d’Ache Carpenter Pencils can even be used as a straight edge. Their thick leads and a non-roll design ensures you won’t lose it on your drafting table!

The unsharpened pencils measure 9-3/4" long. Hand-sharpening is recommended due to the unusual shape of the barrel and lead. Little ones, make sure you ask a grown-up for assistance.

Made in Switzerland.

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